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 This Privacy Policy has been compiled by Fast Media LLC, hereinafter referred to as "We" or 
"Company", and is intended for individuals who are interested in the use of their personal data by the 
Company on this website. Website Content and this Privacy Policy are governed by the RA legislation. 
All concepts used on this website have the meaning set forth in the RA Law on the Protection of Personal 
Data (hereinafter referred to as the Law). By using our Services, you accept this Notice.
From the moment you use the Company's services and/or enter into a subscription agreement with us, 
you consent to the processing of your personal data in accordance with the Company's personal data 
processing policy (personal data processing notice). This Privacy Policy describes our current regulations 
regarding the issue of protection of your personal data, as well as measures taken to protect the privacy 
of your personal data. 
By law, personal data is any information about a natural person that allows or may allow the direct or 
indirect identification of that person.
To learn about the methods of use, protection, and other forms of maintenance of your personal data on 
the Company's website, please read our Privacy Policy carefully.
To ensure the privacy of all the data you provide to us, the Company adheres to the FOLLOWING 
 The Company collects only the data about its customers that, according to the Company, is 
related to the customer and is reasonably necessary for the customer to understand their needs, is 
necessary to conduct the Company's business, to comply with legal requirements and best practices as 
well as manage risks,
 The company uses customer data to improve the quality of services provided to them in 
accordance with the legislation,
 The Company may transfer customer data to third-party organizations, service companies and 
agents cooperating with the Company in accordance with the legislation. The Company ensures that 
service companies and agents are committed to applying appropriate privacy and security standards of 
customer data,
 The company aims to maintain accurate and up-to-date customer information,
 The Company has security systems designed to protect customer data from loss, damage, and 
unauthorized use by any third party, including Company employees,
 Company staff, as well as third parties authorized to access and use customer data, are required 
to comply with the Company's data privacy and security requirements.
You can visit our website without signing up, but to fully use the Company’s services, you have to sign 
up on the website. Personal data is collected (obtained) only when you provide it. When signing up you 
must provide your name, surname, age, gender, address, email address, phone number, and in case of 
using the paid version of the website also the bank account number. 
When you are using our website, we can get information in other ways as well. Our servers receive and 
collect information about you such as your IP address, browser name, computer type, technical data 
about users, and means of contacting our website such as operating system type, name of internet service 
provider, and other similar information. This information helps us to be aware of and understand the 
behavior and trends of our online users. We also receive information about your activities on our 
website. This information allows us to offer you more customized and preferred services. The moment 
you sign up we receive the information provided by you, for example, your email address, password, etc.
How is your personal data used by the Company?
We may use the information collected from you through the use of the Website in any way for the 
following purposes:
 To improve the website service quality,
 To ensure the quality of service that meets customer requirements,
 To set up your account and change our services according to your preferences,
 To analyze the use of our website, to improve the website, services, and products,
 To prevent and protect the misuse of our website,
 To implement our terms and conditions,
 To contact you and respond to your request as well as for other purposes arising from the 
Company’s activity.
We do not collect or require data from persons under the age of 18, nor do we allow persons under the 
age of 18 to sign up for using the services. Such services and their contents are not intended for persons 
under 18. Exceptions to the persons defined by this point are those who have acquired total legal capacity 
before the age of 18 in the manner as prescribed by law. We do not have the ability to verify the 
authenticity of the information entered by the users of the website, so we are not responsible for the 
consequences of the use of our website by persons under 18.

The Company takes appropriate electronic, physical, and other security measures to ensure the security 
of your personal information from unauthorized access, change, or disclosure. All the data you provide 
is stored in a secure server database. We protect any page of the Company that contains the personal 
information you provide with passwords. The company will never ask you to indicate your password via 
phone or email. We will not share your personal data with third parties without your consent, 
except as provided by law. We may make your data available to you only to those who are affiliated with 
us, in cases where that data is necessary to improve the quality of the services we provide to you. The 
aforementioned persons receive access to the necessary data for the purpose of carrying out the 
operations specified by them and have no right to use the same information for other purposes.

Does the Company use Cookies?
Yes. Cookies are small files that any website or service provider sends to your computer’s hard drive 
through the web browser (with your permission) and that allows the website or the service provider 
system to recognize your browser, and catch and remember specific information. They help us understand 
your preferences based on your current or past actions on the website, which in its turn gives us the 
opportunity to improve the quality of services provided to you. We use cookies also to complete the data 
on the number of website use and visits, which helps us to improve the website quality and develop new 
The Company uses Cookies to:
 To understand and remember preferences for further visits
 To complete the data on the number of website use and visits in order to improve the website 
quality and develop new tools in the future. We may also use reliable third-party services that will track 
the aforementioned information on behalf of the Company,
You can choose to configure your computer to notify you each time a cookie is sent by the website, or 
simply turn off all cookies. This is done through browser settings. As browsers are slightly different, try 
to make the necessary changes to the cookies through the "Help Menu" section of the browser.
We accept "Do not track" signals, do not track your browser, do not send cookies or use them for 
advertising purposes if the browser's "Do not track" mechanism is activated.
In case of turning the Cookies off some functions on the website may be suspended.

When using the public sections of the website you don’t have to provide any personal data and in the case 
of using the website that way, we do not monitor or collect any identifying information of yours. We can 
track how many people use our website, however, your identity will not be revealed as a result of such 
actions. Also, we may record your computer location in order to solve the issues raised and to manage 
the system on the Internet, as well as record general information.
By accessing the Company's website or using it, you acknowledge that all issues related to visiting and 
using the Website are regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia. In case of disputes, they 
are settled by the representatives of each party and in chance of not reaching a consensus, the disputes will 
be settled in accordance with the RA legislation.
We may change the content of information or services contained on the Company's website without 
prior notice to you, as a result of which our privacy policy may correspondingly change in the future. 
Using the Company's services after any changes to this privacy policy will mean that you accept the 
If you have any questions regarding this notice on personal data processing or our privacy policy, please 
contact us at the following telephone number or write to:
Tel: 011 51 00 51 (6124)
E-mail address: [email protected] 
Address: Garegin Hovsepyan 20, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

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